When you walk into the Create Authentic Living LLC Life Enrichment Center, immediately you feel simultaneously alive and serene.

The décor is vibrant in hues of turquoise and purple, eclectic, beautiful and inspiring. You feel like you have come home! The soaring ceilings and the luxurious furnishings add to the ambience of this place, where you instantly feel comfort, peace and possibility. Inspiring words surround you at every turn, to offer encouragement and direction on how to make your highest purpose and life the best it can be.

The various areas in the Center provide plenty of opportunity to sit and relax and do just that! They are designed to allow you to really go within and connect to your deepest self.

The “Center” is where beauty and inspiration intersect to produce creative solutions that enrich your life in a way that nourishes your mind, body, spirit and soul.

It is a sanctuary where your dreams become options, you generate ideas and creativity flows through you as rapid as a waterfall. Your thinking is enlightened and you are nurtured in a judgment-free environment to transform along your life path. HERE is where you are empowered to do so. HERE you will find your heart center that will propel you to GREATNESS!

An abundantly inspirational and soothing atmosphere at the “Center” also provides the safe place to connect with other like-minded seekers who are on this journey of living life authentically. Excitement is generated here that feels almost magical! It’s THE desired gathering spot to evoke insight, maximize your potential, and create a life that reflects your values and passions.

For rental information or upcoming workshops and events, please contact us.

3911 Rush-Mendon Rd. Mendon, NY 14506


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