How to Have 365 Meaningful Days with One WORD


This year, ONE WORD has the potential to evoke a sense of meaning every single day.

It can transform you. Take you soaring through each month, each day, and each moment…

…with direction, enthusiasm, comfort and determination.

Wondering what that one WORD is?

The WORD YOU choose.

A WORD OF THE YEAR signifies what will motivate YOU to action, encourage YOU when you’re struggling, and power up YOUR resolve to accomplish what you envision for your life this year.

Quite simply, the WORD OF THE YEAR is a strategy to produce REAL RESULTS.

Your WORD will act as a guide to help prioritize your activities and make decisions on whether something moves you towards your goals. (Or not!)

Your WORD will serve as a reminder of where you’re headed and how you must BE to get there.

It gives you fuel to press on in moments of doubt or weariness.

Your WORD is both a landmark and a lighthouse.

So, how do you choose ONE WORD that will serve you on every level?

Here’s my fool-proof 5 step formula to get you started:

  1. Start by thinking about the main area you need to strengthen. Where in your life do you need to come up higher and push yourself a little?What in your life does not match how you would like it to be or look?
  2. Now visualize your overall goal for the year; the part of your life which is most in need of improvement. Attach a WORD to symbolize it. What ONE WORD will get the ball rolling for YOU and continue to build momentum? It could be how you will feel about yourself; it could be how you will act. It may be in your career or personal life. It can be about your attitude, outlook or how you express yourself in the coming year. You can probably think of several, so how do you know which WORD is best for you?
  3. Write the WORD that comes to mind. Look at it, say it aloud. Does it call to you…does it ignite something deep within which wakes you up and causes a bolt of excitement to zing through you. Sample it, savor it, and discover how it affects you on a physical level. Are you alive and energized…Or unmoved? NOTE: Select again if the WORD you wrote down isn’t quite right. It’s important the WORD propels you to ACTION. To live out what the WORD means to YOU.
  4. Only choose ONE WORD. (And when you have an affinity for words it is not easy to pick just one, I get it!) Really make an effort to select only one because it sets your intention. And where you focus, growth will follow. HINT: More than one WORD diverts your attention. (Naturally other words surround it, because words interrelate and support it.) However, let this one WORD represent them too, so you have a simplified approach to receiving what you need.
  5. Once you have found your WORD, write it repetitively, let it sink in and take hold of your heart. See it, hear yourself saying it, and breathe it in. Let it permeate you so you can bring it forth in your life. It’s this focus and this force which instigates power.


Then…even more important is what you DO with the power it prompts.

Meditate on it, wake up with it, and dream it.

Promote it by marketing it to yourself!

Be creative with how you use this WORD. Display it wherever you are…home, work and car.

Frame it, paint it on a plate or mug at a pottery place, make a vision board with pictures, (representing your goals), forming each letter of your WORD. Put it on an ornament to hang in your room, a pillow for your bed, or on a candle you light each day to signify the light it brings into your life.

I am a big fan of using themes, so go ahead and embrace your WORD by choosing a song with the WORD in the title or the lyrics. Get some books, articles, quotes or poems on it, decorate with a plaque, a magnet, or paint it on your wall. Wear it on a shirt, a hat or a pin.

Make it a part of your daily routine. Journal about your progress with it and pray about it.

Host a party and share it. Above all have fun with it!

The WORD OF YOUR YEAR is a reflective tool to question yourself – does what I am doing, saying, or thinking align with my WORD?

Choose whatever WORD embodies what it is you really want to accomplish when you visualize the results of your upcoming year.

Make sure it will help to produce the results you envision.

The WORD I have chosen is Mission.

For me, this word means my message going to those who need to hear it, and the role I have in sharing insight and wisdom with others to promote their growth. Along with movement; doing what it takes to deliver it.

I bless you and your WORD this year. May it inspire you, serve you and transform you to be more of who you truly are.

Let it become embedded in your heart and move with you through all settings and circumstances. May you portray it in all you do, say, and think.

Cheers to 365 days of MEANING!

What is YOUR WORD?  I am thrilled to know what you choose, what your main goals are and how you intend to surround yourself and environment with it! Go ahead and share below.


Be in your GREATNESS,

Joanna Kane
Coach, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker
Create Authentic Living LLC

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The Best Gift of All


The Best Gift of All

If I had to pick, my best gift this year is the painting pictured here.  My daughter created it which makes it the most meaningful to me.

She thought of something I would enjoy and used her imagination, talent and time, to produce a beautiful piece of art for me.

Now that’s love!

Using her resources to give to someone else (ME)…AND that warms my heart.

Are you a good gift giver?

Do you make an effort to match the gift to the person or are you a one size fits all gifter?

The good news is you can learn to be if you are not!

Being a good gift giver is worth the extra effort it takes.

Think about the best gift you got this year…

Don’t you just LOVE being the recipient of a gift that acknowledges who you are?!

When you receive a gift that is right up your alley, you know this person gets YOU!

And that feels delicious!

You also know the gift giver values you enough to be so thoughtful.

An incredibly amazing feeling!!!

Just think for a moment about the gift God sent to you, which we celebrated yesterday.  HE sent his ONLY son to live here; to teach you how to love and be, and then die for you to take away your sin thereby saving you so you can have eternal life with HIM.


So incredibly awe inspiring when you stop to think about the enormity of the gift.

The story is so familiar, but the message of how much GOD gave YOU in a baby named Jesus, sometimes can become lost in the traditions of the season and frankly everyday life.

It’s almost too big a gift to comprehend….

An incomparable gift which truly tops the list as the best gift ever!

God loved you so much, he thought of what would help you the most and gave it to you as HIS gift, using what HE had.


Do you realize how GREAT HIS love really is? Could you do the same, give your children for a greater good?

Could you choose it?

GOD did.

For you.

A gift.

HE gets you.

HE knew what you needed.

HE knew without Jesus you would be lost.

HE knew with him you would know HIM.

HE sacrificed for you.

HE valued you enough.

An incredibly amazing feeling!!!

How do you ever honor such a tremendous gift like that?

With my daughter’s painting it is pretty simple to show her how much it means.  I will frame it and display it.

Living your life in a way which shows GOD how much you appreciate his gift is more involved.

Every day you have to choose a way of being to demonstrate your gratitude, both in your actions and your words.

However, as you compare it to the piece of art I received, it really can be as simple as frame it and display it.

Frame it by setting boundaries in your life following the way Jesus was.

Begin today to change one area at a time.

It is a process, a journey you will travel through your life.

As long as each day you strive to be better then yesterday, or get up if you fall down, or begin again if you mess up.

(You can thank God too for the gift of GRACE… allowing you another opportunity after you acknowledge your mishap or mistake)

Display it by talking and doing things that reflect love, hope, and forgiveness; let others see these qualities so you can show them not only how to be, but also share the love and light you possess as a gift with them.

When you are a daily gift to others, blessing them, you are honoring the gift you have been given.

How can you be a blessing to someone today?

Where will you choose to be more like Jesus and show your love today?

Inspire others with your gifts that you choose to give all year long!


Be in your GREATNESS,

Joanna Kane

Founder, Create Authentic Living LLC

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To-Do OR Not To-Do?


To-Do OR Not To-Do?

‘Tis the season for lengthy to-do lists!

As I make lists of gifts to buy, cards to send, tree to trim, home to decorate, gifts to wrap, packages to mail, cookies to bake, parties to attend, I realize I simply would not get it all done if I had no end point in mind, a deadline.

So my strategy is to assign a date to each of these activities or else I know I will be stressed and not enjoy this magical time of year.

That is the point right, to be overjoyed and filled with love and let these additional to-do’s enhance the season?!

Creating an environment that is special and distinguishes this season is the goal, though it is easy to be sidetracked by doing too much or worrying about getting the right gift.

You can lose sight of the real priority of celebrating the birth of Jesus and the connection you have with others.

All of these activities are preparation for the real celebration; the highest reason for the season.

Preparation for this takes some planning, and I find I just work better with a deadline.

Especially at this time of year, when this is added to an already inundated calendar, along with daily chores.   How about you?

Knowing that you have to get something done, that you only have so many available hours to accomplish it serves as a guide about what to do next.

Or maybe more accurately, what NOT to do next!

You make some adjustments to your typical schedule because these events are mixed in with all the everyday deadlines we have.

Something has to go.  The non-essentials.  You prioritize with what has to be done.

Wash clothes, dishes, and self so you can have clean ones to use and present yourself with, stay.

While you limit other extras, to make room for what you consider is more time sensitive to do.

There is a natural deadline for this holiday…Christmas is the 25th of December.

You do your traditions:  get the cards out, the gifts purchased, the party planned or attended, the gifts under the tree, food prepared, attend church service on Christmas Eve or day, and the holiday is there.  (A day late, and well you’ve missed it!)


The opportunity has past.

How about when there is not a deadline… when you are led solely by everyday life, without the extras added?  When you have a little more discretionary time…

How do you choose what is the priority, what gets done, and what does not each day?

This gets me thinking about the REAL deadline…

THE “DEAD” LINE…the flat line, the end of your experience on Earth.

It makes you realize that there is a limit, but this deadline is not revealed to you!

And without the exact date, it can leave you with the impression that life is limitless even though we know it’s not.

Which leads to some other questions…Can you let things go until tomorrow?

Are you doing the REAL important things today?

It’s a great way to measure each day… asking yourself “Have I done what is most important to me today?”

Did you talk with those you love and tell them how important they are in your life? 

Did you bless anyone by making them feel better about themselves through a compliment, encouragement, a smile, or maybe not pointing out a mistake, not reprimanding for an accident, or not making someone feel foolish?

Did you enthusiastically contribute a part of yourself in your work and do what you set out to do and said you would?

Did you take great care of yourself by eating well, exercising, laughing, loving, and being grateful for all you get to do?

How can you incorporate more of the real things into each of your days?

Since you can only “do” in the present, it’s important to think of the end of each day as a deadline, because it will help you to live better in the moment (when you have power to accomplish things).

Each night when you go to sleep, you can reflect on whether you met your deadline on these things that REALLY make up life!

Deadlines are simply guideposts to make sure you do what you say is important to you!  Define what that is for you.

How did you do with your deadlines today?


Be in your GREATNESS,

Joanna Kane

Founder, Create Authentic Living LLC

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How to Improve the Quality of Your Life Through Connection



Connection.  It’s what you crave.

 It gives you juice, fires you up and inspires you.

 It activates you and makes you feel ALIVE. 

The zing is in your step, the compassion is in your heart, and the creativity in your head flows. 

Connection is what helps you become more of who you are.

 It develops the talents you have been gifted.

 And being aware of what really connects for you is vital information that will guide you to growing into the person you are meant to be.

 It will give you the ability to live out your purpose for being here when you follow it. 

There is no mistaking that what lights you up, what ignites your heart, what moves you…is to propel you to pursue that connection and delve greatly and boldly into it so you can immerse yourself in the experience.

This is where you shine and emit a radiance that catches others attention.  Brilliant light surrounds connection.  It is easy to spot and refreshing to witness. 

When you connect to someone or something, it feels right. 

There is a comfort, a sense of exhilaration and a willingness to devote more of yourself into building the connection.

It is in building this connection that you change the dynamic of who you are.

 Connections are your power source of growth.

 As you blend with another or a project, you create a new sense of self in relation to that.

 It’s in this experience that you realize more of your character, attitude and behavior. 

When there is disconnection in your life you feel anxious, unsettled, and lost. 

Use these feelings to recognize where you need to create or strengthen a connection.

What area of your life causes anxiety, and a sense of being “unanchored?”

 Where is it in your life that finding something meaningful and inspiring will help quiet these negative emotions?

Be on the lookout for opportunities to discover more of who you are by reflecting on these two questions.

Then start to pay attention to what resonates with you. 

Including these things that you deeply connect with into your daily living, is how you make a positive difference in the quality of each day.

Improvement can happen overnight simply by consciously choosing to include something that makes you feel good, purposeful, or that you are deepening a commitment; which can be all it takes to shift from disconnection to connection. 

Where you will strengthen your connections today?

What is something new that is compelling you to connect to it?

Reach out and connect with me, to let me know.


Be in your GREATNESS,

Joanna Kane

Founder, Create Authentic Living LLC

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Sometimes it’s necessary to eliminate in order to streamline your sanity…your efforts…your vision…and your life, successfully!

Get rid of, let go, de-junk, toss, cut-back, minimize…there is power there!

Even though it may feel difficult to do this, it is necessary to create possibility both physically and conceptually.

A space becomes available to fill and you open a way for what you want more of, to come in.

It highlights what is most important when you reduce the distractions or the not-so-right “stuff.”

Do you let go of that still “wearable” outfit that no longer creates a good feeling when you put it on?

You wonder…is it ok to scrap the $150 purchase because it simply isn’t working for you, even though you paid so much for it?

Do you ditch the friend who always talks behind your back and never is supportive of you?  

Are you relating with any of these scenarios??

The “what- if’s” keep you from realizing what it is you really want.

“What if I might need that some day?” (Regret)

“What if someone doesn’t like my decision to stop participating in that group that is no longer right for me?” (Acceptance)

“What if I make a mistake by getting rid of something and have to admit that I did?” (Embarrassment)

When you hold onto something because you feel you should, you are blocking what else could take its place if you created the space in your life for it!

This works for everything!!

I have gone through many transitions which have required a certain amount of letting go.

 It is an act of faith to say good-bye.

It’s more about honoring who and where you are NOW. 

You evolve, and so what was good then, may not be now.  Or maybe it was never good but you are willing to admit it now. 

When you find there is too much clutter, mentally or physically, it’s because you have not made a choice. 

Decision is the key to expansion; usually via reduction somewhere else!

If you want to build something… a simpler life, a business, a relationship, what needs to go in order to allow you to expand your goal?

Just a caution here: be reasonable.  Change will take time.

Start small and continue to move through the process with kindness to yourself as you uncover what to remove.

 A lot of times during the process you will find that self-recrimination gnaws at you for attention. 

You may blame yourself for letting something go on too long, or get too out of control, or for taking on too much, or allowing yourself to be distracted. 

Ease through these moments by saying to yourself that you are now doing something about it because the realization is fully here and the motivation to go along with it.

Motivation comes from inspiration or desperation

Either way it will get you going!

If it came all at once it would be overwhelming.  Instead it is more of a step by step process. It comes in increments that feel doable. 

Take the next step today in whatever it is you would like to grow!

What you need to know is that YOU have the answers; it is more about trusting yourself to decide and then follow through.

Right now I am reducing my belongings because of downsizing the amount of physical space I have (which is not necessary to the expansion of my short term goals.)  I feel lighter already!

What in your life could you reduce to expand something else?

Take a moment now to reflect on what is not fitting in your life like it used to or you thought it would.

Post and let me know!

Joanna Kane

Founder, Create Authentic Living LLC

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An AUTHENTIC Life Is For the Courageous!


An AUTHENTIC life is for the courageous! 


What is so brave about being who you are? For starters, if you are being honest with yourself there are things wrong or not so fabulous in your life. 


Stuff you put up with you don’t want to and even qualities you are not particularly fond of in yourself.


Uh-huh, yep there are! 


It takes guts to admit that to yourself (GULP) let alone share it with others.


 (You’re still breathing right?)


Living authentically seems like it would be simple.  “Just be yourself.”


Isn’t that what you hear when you go out on a date or are interviewing for a job, or going to give a presentation?  Like whom else are you going to BE?? 


Why do you need to be advised to do that?


The thing is, you are so concerned with what others want you to be, what others will judge you for or what you are afraid to reveal, that the REAL you does not show up! 


Amazing how difficult it actually is to take that simple advice of “just be yourself!”


Every day you are required to present YOU to the life you lead, and yet sometimes it doesn’t look, sound or feel much like you.  Unsettling right?


The best “blanket” answer I know of, as to why this is… because you have been H-U-R-T.  In little or big ways when you have been authentic, so you adapt yourself to what is less painful.




As someone who seeks authenticity, you need to dig around those hurts and discover where you have changed the real you to avoid the emotional tar that blackens your spirit. 


Get this… it is this sticky, yucky, muck that keeps you stuck and not living out your grandest destiny!


Once you find where you have compromised in what you said, did or thought, you can move toward adding that color back.  A full-spectrum rainbow gives the”WOW factor” to your life.


This is a process of gradual uncovering…and daily deciding. 


Courage to look at your life comes through encouragement and acceptance from others, so surround yourself with who you are most comfortable to be with because those are the people who are allowing you to be you.


It also comes from your inner voice that alerts you when something isn’t quite right and leaves you longing for something more; this longing stirs up courage so you can consider the possibility of it and then act to realize it.


In those moments when things are being shaken up in your world, because you are activating change and CHOOSING for you…inside you feel unable to sit still…emotions are churning…your reality is morphing and you are unsettled. It is most definitely courage that rides this tide of emotion!


Authentic living is guided by a heart knowing and it takes courage to follow its lead.  Where is your heart calling YOU?


Authentic living is liberating and yet freedom of choice takes courage because it means you take a stand against something else.  What do YOU believe in and stand for?




What is Life?


Life is heartache… OR Life is healing

Life is scary…OR Life is adventure

Life is struggle…OR Life is challenge

Life is long…OR Life is fleeting

Life is sad…OR Life is treasure

Life is accidental…OR Life is synchronistic

Life is conflicting…OR Life is variety

Life is damage…OR Life is growth

Life is burden…OR Life is privilege

Life is dreary…OR Life is colorful

Life is regret…OR Life is experience

Life is complex…OR Life is simple

Life is meaningless…OR Life is powerful

Life is relentless…OR Life is opportunity

Life is uh-oh…OR Life is a-ha

Life is unfair…OR Life is practice

Life is sacrifice…OR Life is contribution

Life is unpredictable…OR Life is divinely orchestrated



Be in your GREATNESS,

Joanna Kane

Founder, Create Authentic Living LLC


Building Trust In Your Relationship


Quick story…

The other day when I was coaching a client, she shared that she was irritated that her boyfriend told her he was coming over after he finished his work out at the gym, and then didn’t show up or call (can you imagine?!) until 4 hours later.

His explanation was that he ran into a friend there and then he had to do a couple things at home.

When she asked him why he didn’t call he said she knew he was coming over and it’s not a big deal if it took him a little longer to get there.

Yeah well, not to my client! It does matter (and he lost points on the trust-o-meter for sure!)

Instant outcome changer would have been for Mr. Boyfriend to at least text to let her know he would be later than the implied time.

This behavior seems obvious to do, but can you say you do it? it’s important you look at your life and discover where you forget the obvious too.

When you are inconsistent in what you say and do with others it breeds distrust.

Whether you are aware of it or not, people look for patterns in behavior. That’s how you learn to make sense of things.

When others you interact with regularly witness you being like that, they do not know what to expect from you.

It makes it difficult for them to count on you.

Is that what you are intending?

Or would you prefer to be trusted?

Here’s the one thing that REALLY establishes trust quickly…

Doing what you say you are going to do!

That doesn’t sound like a secret does it? I mean you do that all the time right? WRONG!! (You like to think you do, but let’s be real…you fall short sometimes or with some people.)

When was the last time that you said, “I will call you right back”…and didn’t? Maybe an hour ago, yesterday or within the week? It’s a simple thing and yet it has an impact on the receiving end.

Someone else expected something: you didn’t deliver it. It sends a message.

Now I am not saying that it will NEVER happen or that someone who does that is completely untrustworthy and you should be offended. (Or that you are!)

What I do know is that even the seemingly simple things in how we act or what we say are opportunities to build trust.

How easy it is to fix this scenario. Just call the person back. If you have no intention of doing so…DON’T say it.

Or maybe instead say, “If I have another opportunity I will call you back, otherwise I will talk with you tomorrow (if you ARE going to call!).

I see it time and time again, the little things that erode trust in relationships. Start having it on your radar.

It’s an indication you have used to determine the level of TRUST you have for someone. Sure it may annoy you or make you feel rotten. But it also reduces trust whether consciously or not Which IS the glue of relationships.

Flip this concept and use it on yourself.

Let your actions back your talk. Take a look at how well you do this in all aspects of your life. Watch yourself closely for a week. Keep tally. You will be surprised.

Make an effort to improve this one quality in yourself and watch not only how people respond positively but also how great you feel by keeping your word!

No one is perfect nor ever will be! (So take comfort, all of us do it at one time or another) The idea here is to encourage you to come a little higher in this trait.

Let me know what you observed… either what you didn’t follow through on or how it felt when someone didn’t follow through with you.

Specifically, how did that translate to how others perceived of you? What about what you thought of yourself? I invite you to leave your comments below…


Be in your GREATNESS,

Joanna Kane
Founder, Create Authentic Living LLC

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Even When Change is Invited it Can be Difficult


Today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed about my choice to add a puppy to our family.  I know Sadie will be a great dog and a wonderful part of our lives, that’s why I decided to get her.  She was so awesome the first and second day; catching on to training at amazing speed and particularly the bathroom part! I was super pleased.   After a short prayer to have Sadie end her whining so we could go to bed, she immediately ceased and slept through the night and awoke at the reasonable hour of 5:30am.  I held such high hopes that this was going to be a walk in the park!

Screech that thought to a HALT!

Welcome DAY 3. She whined off and on most of the night and then my children were in charge of her this morning and she had 3 accidents (in our house!) in an hour and a half! More than she had in the first 2 days combined!

“SLAM” went the realization in my head, that this is a process and I better lean in to ACCEPTANCE about how each day will be, real quick like!  OK so there will be discomfort along the puppy road.  I will get frustrated with the slow learning curve and I will be sure to question whether I made the right choice.

This is true of change.  ANY change.

She is here now… that’s the reality.  All I need is the patience and strength in this moment of today, to get through this unfamiliar passage.  Very soon it will become my new normal and I will stop questioning my choice.  It doesn’t mean I made the wrong decision; it is helping me commit to the choice I made.

Being willing to do it shows I really want it! This feeling is a natural component when what we do causes some element in our life to change.

As humans we like familiarity even if it’s not good for us. However, the innate craving of “sameness” and the double whammy of doubting yourself when difficulty is present, are what cause us to delay decisions and sometimes indefinitely so!

We stay stuck in indecision.

Remember that in giving up of your (freedom, knowledge, time, money, and belongings) you can get more of what you do NEED! (Love, happiness, peace, connection, joy)  This doesn’t mean reckless abandon of our resources to ensure these outcomes, it does mean that there is a cost to everything and it can be rewarding to trade some of those things to produce one of these fruits!

What is happening in your life that is uncomfortable? How are you handling your daily choice on dealing with it?

Is there anything in your life that you are delaying a decision on because it means life as you know it will be disrupted?

Please leave your comments, aha’s and insights below!


Joanna Kane
Create Authentic Living LLC